Few universities can match the wide range of educational choices that Temple boasts. Each of our 17 schools and colleges offers an abundance of courses and majors to inspire and challenge you.

PG电子试玩平台’s 学校和学院


Tyler School of 艺术 and Architecture

Learn the power of creative practice among a community of bold thinkers and makers at one of the nation’s leading schools for the study of art, design and the built environment. Learn with highly accomplished faculty across Tyler’s 22 disciplines and build your career as an architect, 艺术家, 设计师, 历史学家, 教育家, researcher or planner. Learn more about Tyler School of 艺术 and Architecture programs.


Fox School of 业务

Develop your leadership abilities and position yourself to participate in the evolving, increasingly digital global economy. Broaden your understanding of domestic and international business practices and hone your managerial skills at a school that focuses on entrepreneurship and the use of technology to drive innovation. Learn more about Fox School of 业务 programs.


莫里斯·H. Kornberg School of 牙科

Acquire clinical experience, develop manual dexterity and build a sound understanding of the business side of dentistry. Gain practical and diagnostic skills at Kornberg’s dental clinic, which handles more than 100,每年参观人次达1000人次. Learn more about Kornberg School of 牙科 programs.


College of 教育 and Human Development

Combine research, best practices and real-world experience to become a leader in education. Practice your skills in Philadelphia and develop strong abilities as a teacher, administrator or educational scholar. Learn more about Temple College of 教育 and Human Development programs.


College of 工程

Develop comprehensive research and practical skills to prepare for an engineering career or future study. Work with faculty engaged in areas of research such as artificial intelligence, network securities and water resources engineering. Supplement your research and coursework with workshops and conferences for professional development. Learn more about the College of 工程 programs.



Prepare to practice law in any setting, and foster your commitment to public service. Develop professional skills including knowledge of the law and its role in society, legal analysis and reasoning, and law in a global context. You’ll learn the importance of service and professional responsibility, gaining skills to promote equal justice under the law for all individuals. Learn more about 比斯利法学院 programs.


College of 文科

Grow into an innovative, creative thinker with a global perspective. Engage in international and study abroad opportunities while learning to reason critically and make a positive impact on the world. You’ll learn in seminar-style classes and through independent research, internships and service opportunities. Learn more about College of 文科 programs.

媒体 and Communication

Lew Klein College of 媒体 and Communication

Study the latest innovations in digital media and communication with experienced faculty members and scholars. Build a foundation of analytical and theoretical knowledge, focusing on communication and media in Philadelphia’s dynamic urban context. Learn more about the Lew Klein College of 媒体 and Communication programs.


Lewis Katz School of 医学

Prepare for a career in medical practice or research. Work with faculty members to push the boundaries of science and achieve advances in patient care. You’ll gain the theoretical and practical skills needed to become a leader in clinical practice, academia or the medical industry. Learn more about Lewis Katz School of 医学 programs


Boyer College of 音乐与舞蹈

Advance your 艺术家ry in an inclusive learning environment where you’ll develop new insights, perspectives and practices. Learn from world-class choreographers, 作曲家, conductors and performers, and take advantage of multiple performance opportunities. Pursue creative and scholarly work, and explore Philadelphia’s diverse cultural life. Learn more about Boyer College of 音乐与舞蹈 programs.



Gain the knowledge and tools needed to promote innovation and progress in the pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice. Supplement your studies by exploring industry opportunities available in Philadelphia—a biomedical home to many of the nation’s top pharmaceutical companies. Choose between a professional and a research-intensive degree to prepare for a career as a pharmacist or a pharmaceutical sciences researcher. Learn more about Temple 药学院 programs


School of 足病医学

Train in the innovative procedures and advanced technology used by doctors of podiatric medicine. Get hands-on experience treating a variety of ages and ailments at the Foot and Ankle Institute, one of the world’s most comprehensive centers for podiatric treatment. Learn more about Temple School of 足病医学 programs.


College of 公共卫生

Gain the advanced knowledge and expertise needed to navigate the rapidly changing fields of healthcare and social services. Learn in a collaborative and research-driven environment to devise wellness solutions for diverse populations. Acquire practical experience to address pressing public health and social welfare issues locally, nationally and globally. Learn more about Temple College of 公共卫生 programs

Science and Technology

College of Science and Technology

Explore fundamental scientific principles, and work in the classroom, the field and the lab with faculty researchers who will challenge and inspire you. Build your research skills by testing your hypotheses in the Science and 教育 研究 Center and get hands-on experience through internships in the region’s thriving STEM industries. Learn more about College of Science and Technology programs.


School of 社会工作

Build the skills to improve quality of life through evidence-based solutions to complex social and economic injustices. Gain the expertise and hands-on experience through coursework, research and service. Learn to resolve societal problems and respond to constituents’ changing needs while advancing knowledge in the field. Learn more about Temple School of 社会工作 programs.

Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management

School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management

Prepare for a career in hospitality, 娱乐, sport or tourism management in Philadelphia, a major sport and tourism hub. Acquire the practical and theoretical fundamentals of your chosen industry and gain experience and global perspective to become a key player in the field. Gain a competitive edge through faculty instruction and innovative research opportunities. Learn more about the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management programs.

Theater, Film and 媒体 艺术

School of Theater, Film and 媒体 艺术

学习表演, 导演, 电影制作, 集设计, theater production and more through classroom learning and a variety of performance and production opportunities. Develop the experience, insight, knowledge and skills you’ll need to succeed in your craft. Prepare to join the many alumni who have gone on to high-profile careers on Broadway, 在电视和电影中. Learn more about the School of Theater, Film and 媒体 艺术 programs.